Byron Bay in Winter

5 06 2009

What could be nicer? Byron Bay in Summer, I suppose. Still, writers can’t be choosers. So I’ve just booked my place at the Byron Bay Writers’ Festival for the first week in August. Is anyone else going to be there? We could shiver together around a tepid coffee whilst swapping war stories from between chattering teeth.

Just because it’s on my mind, I heard yesterday that the story I had published in the Absent Willow Review (‘The Earth Ship’) has been selected by them to appear in their first print anthology – as yet unnamed and planned to appear in October. And it was my birthday yesterday. Wasn’t that nice? This will be my first opportunity to earn royalties on sales (another little milestone in the writer’s life)so I’d like you all to plan on giving away at least ten copies each as Christmas presents.

😉 Only kidding. Five would be plenty.




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8 06 2009

well done on the anthology, G.

Money and work committments will keep me in the Sunshine State, unfortunately.

But I shall be ordering my 10 copies, no worries!

10 06 2009
Luke Keioskie

Hey Graham,

Great news on the anthology, well done. You’ll have to shoot us all a link to where we can buy it.
And if I end up buying ten copies, I hope you expect nine for Xmas from me.


20 06 2009

that’s great news, graham! congrats. i won’t be going to bb, unfortunately, but i’m sure it will ge fantastic even though it’s winter. looking forward to hearing about it.

22 06 2009

Hi All,

not me either. Just off to Supanova Sydney and Perth. That will about do me for the year.

Congrats on that, Graham. Fantastic! These milestones are very important to acknowledge.


Graham has kindly put my Parrish wideget on his blog. I’b be much obliged if some of you would consider doing so as well. It can be retrieved from the left sidebar on my website. Just cut and paste the code into you blog.

Hope everyone is well. I suspect that Terry might have some good news to tell too.

Marianne x

23 06 2009
Sue Cullen

A belated happy birthday Graham and great news about your story.

Have fun in Byron Bay. I hoped to make it this year, but unfortunately it is going to have to be a 2010 thing.

Congrats again!
Sue Cullen.

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