happy easter!

10 04 2009

hey, guys, just wishing you all a safe and relaxing easter.  hope you get lots of writing done!  any daily targets you’re aiming for?  i’m aiming for 1000 a day. 





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10 04 2009

Hey, right back at ya! And the same to all you other Orbiteer types. I’ve already danced naked round the garden at the equinox, so I won’t be doing anything special. My daughter’s visiting so the writing will be on hold for a few days while the mouth takes a turn.

My current target is 400 words a day and I’m loving it – so easy to exceed! And, if you miss a day or two, equally easy to catch up. It also gives you lots of time for building gazebos, browsing the Web, and enjoying the Autumn sunshine with one’s spouse. I wish I’d discovered the 400-word target years ago!

15 04 2009

Hi J-A

Does copy editing two different manuscripts count? ugggh.

21 04 2009

so long as they’re your own, yes it does! i actually made my daily target on all but one day, which was very pleasing.

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