Orbiteers defy the odds

13 09 2010

At the recent Aussiecon  get-together, we realised that as a group the Orbiteers are doing way better than the general population of aspiring writers. This is worthy of a woo AND a hoo!

Three of our number can now boast publishing contracts for novel-length works, and we are bouncing about cyberspace doing the shiny happy dance with a collective squeeeee!

Luke Keioskie was first out of the gate with Dead America, which went boldly into print though sadly was not available in Australia.

Graham Storrs took the suitably futuristic path to publication when his novel TimeSplash was first published as an e-book in 2009; it is about to be released as an audio book and print edition.

And  at our reunion get-together on the second night of Aussiecon, Joanne Anderton revealed some exciting news! She hasn’t officially announced yet, so that’s all the detail we can share just yet. But SQUEEE.


‘Dragon Bones’ Goes For Gold

5 12 2009

Well lookit that! Our very own Joanne up for an Aurealis Award!

Joanne Anderton, ‘Dragon Bones’, Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine,
#39, Andromeda Spaceways Publishing Co-operative Ltd

Congratulations Joanne. And the very best of luck!

Dead Americans in my mailbox – w00t!!!

4 09 2009

It’s HERE!!  Fabulous to see an Orbiteer novel IN PRINT and in my hot little hand!!  Half way through Ch 2 and loving it (natch)

Particularly impressed with location – Luke, did you live in NY or are you just really good at research? Ooh, so many congratulations – again.  When we do the reunion in Melbourne next year, I’m bringing my copy for you to sign. Don’t be surprised if it’s well-worn and dog-eared.

xx Janette

Something to drool over

20 08 2009

This just came in the email and I thought Luke might like to see it. I thought the rest of us might like to fantasise about our own names and book titles being in an email like this too.

Hello from Amazon.com.

We are writing about the order you placed on August 14 2009 (Order# 103-7215068-9163435). The item(s) listed below will actually ship sooner than we originally expected:

  Luke Keioskie "Dead America"
    Previous estimated arrival date: October 07 2009 - October 21 2009
    New estimated arrival date:      October 06 2009



Customer Service Department

(6th October! I can hardly wait!)

Byron Bay in Winter

5 06 2009

What could be nicer? Byron Bay in Summer, I suppose. Still, writers can’t be choosers. So I’ve just booked my place at the Byron Bay Writers’ Festival for the first week in August. Is anyone else going to be there? We could shiver together around a tepid coffee whilst swapping war stories from between chattering teeth.

Just because it’s on my mind, I heard yesterday that the story I had published in the Absent Willow Review (‘The Earth Ship’) has been selected by them to appear in their first print anthology – as yet unnamed and planned to appear in October. And it was my birthday yesterday. Wasn’t that nice? This will be my first opportunity to earn royalties on sales (another little milestone in the writer’s life)so I’d like you all to plan on giving away at least ten copies each as Christmas presents.

😉 Only kidding. Five would be plenty.

happy easter!

10 04 2009

hey, guys, just wishing you all a safe and relaxing easter.  hope you get lots of writing done!  any daily targets you’re aiming for?  i’m aiming for 1000 a day. 


Natcon Blues

26 03 2009

Guys, I won’t be coming to the National Convention after all. It’s all a matter of money. It would have cost me about $1,600 to go, and I was ready to spend it too, but something much more urgent has come up and I need that $1.6K elsewhere.

Feel free to beat me up about it. I’m feeling miserable and impoverished and pissed off enough, but if you’d like to kick me while I’m down, well, I probably deserve it.

To make matters worse, I’ve had three short stories rejected this week and two more agents have turned me down. I also had a letter from Bernadette who seems to have taken another look at TimeSplash! (which is extremely good of her, of course) and wanted to let me know she really, really doesn’t want it – because of its ‘edge of violence’ which she thought didn’t suit Orbit’s list. (Hang on a minute, who publishes the insanely violent Peter F. Hamilton? Hmmm, I thought so!)

Depressing as this is, several of these rejecters went to great lengths to tell me how much they liked my writing. (One with almost embarrassing hyperbole, viz.  “One of the great measuring metrics of an artist’s skill is his ability to not only conceive of imaginative and creative work, but his ability to convey them to a reader. In that, Mindrider is a spectacular success.” and “The writer is definitely talented and skiled; most of the suggestions that I make here are really a matter of fine-tuning an already exquisite piece of storytelling machinery…”  So that’s nice, I suppose. I wonder what they say if they actually like your stuff 😉

Anyway, I ramble. I just wanted you to know I’d be joining Terry on the benches.