‘Dragon Bones’ Goes For Gold

5 12 2009

Well lookit that! Our very own Joanne up for an Aurealis Award!

Joanne Anderton, ‘Dragon Bones’, Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine,
#39, Andromeda Spaceways Publishing Co-operative Ltd

Congratulations Joanne. And the very best of luck!




4 responses

5 12 2009

WOOHOO! Not to mention it was SUCH a great story. Still think about it every now and then. Fingers crossed for the gold!

5 12 2009
Jo A

Thanks guys! Of course, when you look at the other shortlisted stories you realise I have no chance whatsoever, but still pretty nifty! 🙂

6 12 2009
Jo Clay

Jo, that is excellent news! Good luck mate.

22 07 2010
Sue Bursztynski

I’m delighted to say I got “Dragon Bones” in slush. I remember reading it during recess time in the staff room at school and saying, “Oh, wow! A story in which the Royal Flying Doctors go out on dragons! What a lovely idea!” I arranged the cover art to go with it and sent the (American) artist a photo of the kind of lizard on which the dragon was based and explained about the Flying Doctors. She went and researched the RFDS and was terribly impressed with what they do, as well as with the story and did a fabulous cover for it.

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