Dead Americans in my mailbox – w00t!!!

4 09 2009

It’s HERE!!  Fabulous to see an Orbiteer novel IN PRINT and in my hot little hand!!  Half way through Ch 2 and loving it (natch)

Particularly impressed with location – Luke, did you live in NY or are you just really good at research? Ooh, so many congratulations – again.  When we do the reunion in Melbourne next year, I’m bringing my copy for you to sign. Don’t be surprised if it’s well-worn and dog-eared.

xx Janette




3 responses

5 09 2009
Graham Storrs

What a great idea, Janette. I’ll bring mine too. Not that I’ve got mine yet. Out in the uninhabited wilds of Queensland we have to wait for the post to be airlifted in with all the other supplies. I’m keeping an ear out for the helicopters. Any day now…

9 09 2009
Graham Storrs

I second that w00t! Mine has finally arrived! It’s awesome, Luke.

(By the way, Luke, I twittered the book again today. I’m sending people to your Dead America website but I noticed some things when I checked it this evening. 1) it’s getting out of date (DA is ‘available shortly’ it says.) 2) your name doesn’t appear anywhere on the front page!! 3) Visually, Mariannes book (and name) stand out more than yours does. 4) There isn’t a stonking great “Buy it Here” button where everyone can easily see it.)

12 10 2009
Jo C

Luke, I just finished Dead America. It was a lot of fun with a really strong voice. I finished it late one night and woke up later chanelling Faraday. Can’t remember my dream but I must have been a crusty male detective in it. Hehe.

Bloody well done! Love to hear how you go with sales and marketing.



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