Natcon Blues

26 03 2009

Guys, I won’t be coming to the National Convention after all. It’s all a matter of money. It would have cost me about $1,600 to go, and I was ready to spend it too, but something much more urgent has come up and I need that $1.6K elsewhere.

Feel free to beat me up about it. I’m feeling miserable and impoverished and pissed off enough, but if you’d like to kick me while I’m down, well, I probably deserve it.

To make matters worse, I’ve had three short stories rejected this week and two more agents have turned me down. I also had a letter from Bernadette who seems to have taken another look at TimeSplash! (which is extremely good of her, of course) and wanted to let me know she really, really doesn’t want it – because of its ‘edge of violence’ which she thought didn’t suit Orbit’s list. (Hang on a minute, who publishes the insanely violent Peter F. Hamilton? Hmmm, I thought so!)

Depressing as this is, several of these rejecters went to great lengths to tell me how much they liked my writing. (One with almost embarrassing hyperbole, viz.  “One of the great measuring metrics of an artist’s skill is his ability to not only conceive of imaginative and creative work, but his ability to convey them to a reader. In that, Mindrider is a spectacular success.” and “The writer is definitely talented and skiled; most of the suggestions that I make here are really a matter of fine-tuning an already exquisite piece of storytelling machinery…”  So that’s nice, I suppose. I wonder what they say if they actually like your stuff 😉

Anyway, I ramble. I just wanted you to know I’d be joining Terry on the benches.





5 responses

26 03 2009
Jo A

Mate, rejections like that are fantastic. Just think, they didn’t have to say any of that nice stuff but they took the time to do it because they obviously believed it! So, I’m going to give them a ‘yay’ anyway 🙂

Not so good about the con though. Still hoping… *hoping*… I can 😦

28 03 2009

I’m moving up the bench, making space. But before you sit down, G, I shall dust it carfeully and gaze with quiet awe at one of our team who is hitting a few sixes. Keep up the good work, mate.

BTW, I will be going to Brissie for Supanova – hope to say hello to the wonderful Marainne.


28 03 2009
Graham Storrs

Thanks, Terry. Let me know when you’ll be in Brisbane. I might be able to sneak in a trip.

As for hitting sixes, I suspect I’m only scoring the odd run here and there compared to some other Orbiteers who don’t sing their own praises so much (or, to be fair to myself, those who aren’t so over-excited as I am by the few, small successes I’m having.)


30 03 2009

au contraire, graham, we don’t have anything to sing about! or at least i don’t. i’m just trying to finish this blinkin’ book. 42000 words now, in between assignments for my diploma. no time to even think about short stories, so am very happy you are publishing for both of us!

29 05 2009

Joining you guys on the bench, can’t make it to Adelaide after all. 😦

Hopefully will at least get manuscript in (FINALLY!) to Bernadette – have promised it to her by end June, currently at final polishing stage of Ch 4 (of 12) so pretty much on track. Still can’t believe it’s over a year now since Bribie. Cripes!

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